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PONTIFICAL CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF ECUADOR ACADEMIC WRITING ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY PRE-WRITING 1. Choose General Subject Area: Human Health 2. Narrow the Topic: LISTING STRATEGY General Topic: Human Health Different eating disorders Diets used to lose weight Are diets a benefit or damage? Do diets only reduce weight or just produce health problems? 3. Topic Selected: Are diets the perfect alternative to lose weight? Biodata: Andrea Moscoso is a LEAI student from The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. She has written two books of poems, and nowadays she is working in a new literary project. She is also taking an Academic Writing class, in order to improve her English writing skills. Actually, she has already written many important papers such as a Descriptive essay, an Argumentative Midterm paper, an Argumentative and a Comparison and Contrast essays. At this moment, she is working at T.G.I. Friday’s. EXERCISE 5E: Make a plan for your argumentative essay Diets: overweight solution or a dead march? Human Health Eating disorders consumption Are diets the perfect  alternative to lose  weight?
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Pro Con Dieting can make people afraid of food, Some diets help people to feel leading to eating disorders. confident and to increase their. Dieting can steal your energy as a result self-esteem as they lose weight. of a deteriorated health. A sustainable diet contributes to Diets are expensive have a healthy body. . Audience: Teens, adolescents and youth Purpose: To show the audience certain points that support and reject dieting. Techniques of support: facts, examples and physical description. Argumentative Thesis: Although a well balanced diet could help people to dismiss their overweight and help them to feel confident and lifting up their self- esteem, dieting is also a dead march because it leads to serious eating disorders and deteriorates human health without being always effective. OUTLINE (PLAN A) I. Introduction: explanation about diets (+ thesis statement of indent) II. Pro #1: Dieting can lead to serious eating disorders. III. Pro #2: Diets steal people’s energy and deteriorate human health. IV.
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