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Why the Bad Guy should Win Joseph S. Joseph “Only after disaster can we be resurrected.” ~Tyler Durdon (from Fight Club) The movie Dark Knight follows the main protagonist Batman as he attempts to “save” the city of Gotham. This movie has many complex underlying messages touching on social issues in Gotham city that reflect our own society such as crime and corruption. Although Batman believes that he is a hero who is saving Gotham I feel he is merely an agent of socialization effectively assisting Gotham’s steady decline. The only person truly capable of “saving” Gotham is the Joker. The reason Joker is capable of “saving” Gotham is his destructive plan to completely eliminate Gotham thus giving it a chance to rebuild itself. As we know it Gotham is incapable of change, it is the perfect example of an “unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.” Therefore without the influence of the Joker Gotham would be doomed to an eternity of civil war between self-righteous factions. The major theme in “Dark Knight” is how individuals can affect populations through unconventional and antiheroic methods. Gotham is a microcosm of a society that is ravaged by conflict. There are many different groups with intertwined and clashing motives. A few of these groups include the police, the politicians, the citizens and the criminals. Batman attempts to support the citizens despite their hostility towards him. He also works with the police despite the corruption within that institution. This makes
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Batman an incredibly complex and unique figure that is defined more accurately as an anti-hero than a super hero. Batman is a criminal; he uses intimidations and fear to scare people, similar to terrorists and rebels. Also hindering his progress are the criminals, after cleaning up the city the remaining criminals are even more desperate and ruthless causing things to be “worse than ever.” This is why the Joker provides such a unique contrast to Batman. He’s not afraid to be everyone’s enemy; he kills the criminals just as naturally as he kills police officers. He is “Unbiased, unprejudiced” and believes himself to be “fair” in his convictions. He has no greedy motivation; money and power don’t persuade him. As Joker tells Batman “You have all these rules and you think they'll save you.” Batman, like most people, would like to believe that good deeds are rewarded. But as the movies’ conclusion shows us, sometimes trying to help people only earns you their fear and hatred. Unlike Batman’s reckless methods, Harvey Dent has a much more passive approach in comparison to Batman and the Joker. As Gotham’s “white knight” he represents complete goodness. He locks up the criminals, wants to save all the citizens and be trusted by everyone. This would be an ideal solution if when good people did good things they were rewarded; unfortunately this simply isn’t the case. More often than not people doing good things are simply victimized by those who carry out evil. Despite
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Batman portfolio version1 - Why the Bad Guy should Win...

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