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Christ in Concrete - Joseph S. Joseph Galante EN 2, Section...

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Joseph S. Joseph Galante EN 2, Section 42 2/16/10 Pieto di Donato’s novel Christ in Concrete is the story of a young Italian American named Paul, who, through the brutality of reality has his entire concept of faith destroyed. From the beginning of the story Paul faces overwhelming adversity, and using his faith, overcomes many of these hardships. However, when Paul is faced with the utter reality of the unholy world he lives in he abandons his faith. Paul’s entire sense of reality revolves around his concept of faith. For Paul working is not a matter of success, but one of survival. At the pristine age of twelve, Paul becomes responsible for his eight siblings and his mother. Relying on his faith to motivate him, Paul works vigorously to support his family. However, when events do not shape up, Paul is faced with the harshest reality a man can know: the dereliction of his faith. Time and time again when Paul finds himself in need, those he relies on fail him. We see this from Geremio, who dies; Father John who doesn’t assist him; Luigi, who is maimed by illness, and Nazone, who is killed by the 1
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Job foreman. These series of events, leads Paul to inevitably realize there is no God to allow such atrocities to come to pass. At the beginning of the story, Paul is faced with his first traumatic experience that will shape the rest of his life as well as the role he plays in his family. When his father, Geremio, dies and Paul is faced with the duty of supporting his family. Only a boy at this time, Paul turns to others for assistance, first and foremost God. “My Lord God and Creator of the earth and skies”, say’s Paul in a prayer, “ can you not send [my father] back?” At
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Christ in Concrete - Joseph S. Joseph Galante EN 2, Section...

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