25 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff Limiting...

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Topics for the day Administrative stuff Limiting reagents (revision) Applications of the ideal gas law Perturbed systems Static systems Chemical reactions Partial Pressure Theories vs. Laws Kinetic molecular model of gases Administrative stuff ALEKS prep chemistry assessment Your grade on blackboard is currently 5, 3, or 0, which was assessed on the 12th class day as you having done 70% of the topics, Fnished the initial assessment, or not Fnished the initial assessment. If you got a zero, but thought you did Fnish the assessment, please contact me. At least one error has been found. Your grade will not change again until after next Monday. I have no way of seeing what you have done until then. If you haven’t already got 5, you’ll get 2 or 0 based on whether or not you have 70% at that point. If you haven’t touched it for a while, you’ll get hit with a periodic assessment which you’ll have to Fnish before being able to complete more topics. ALEKS is making sure you remember what you learned. TODAY! 6:30 – 7:30 pm, RLM 4.102 1 2 3
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Where were we? Pressure is defned as Force divided by area, and is measured in a range oF diFFerent units. The other important variables that describe gases are Volume , number of moles , and Temperature . You can use any units For pressure and volume, as long as you are consistent, but Temperature must be measured in Kelvin . Temperature (K) = Temperature (˚C) + 273.15 –273.15 K is the lowest temperature possible and is called absolute zero . A series oF laws describe the dependence oF one oF the gas variables on another variable, while the last two are held constant. These laws can be combined into the ideal gas law which describes the relationship oF all Four gas variables to each other. pV = nRT iClicker Time At 50˚C, a sample oF N 2 gas has a volume oF 1 L and a pressure oF 1.5 bar. What is the volume oF the sample under a pressure oF 1.5 bar and a temperature oF 100˚C? A. 0.5 L B. 1 L C. 1.15 L D. 2 L E. 5 L Did temperature double ?? NO!! Temperature went From 273 + 50 = 323 K to 273 + 100 = 373 K V 1 T 2 T 1 V 2 = (1 L)(373 K) (323 K) = = 1.15 L = V 1 T 1 V 2 T 2 T 1 = 50˚C V 1 = 1 L T 2 = 100˚C V 2 = ? By changing the amount oF magnesium added, we changed the amount oF hydrogen gas given oFF ( evolved ). IF the number oF moles oF HCl is exactly twice the number oF moles oF
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25 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff Limiting...

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