32 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff The molecular...

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Topics for the day Administrative stuff The molecular view Administrative stuff Quest Quest HW4 is done Questions 10,11,12 were not covered in class yet, so I’ll drop their scores. But you WILL need to know them for the exam. No Quest HW this week. Practice exam coming today! ALEKS Objective 5 due Monday 10 am Review tab to practise topics Topic list for Objective 4/5 online (in the Lecture 32 extras folder) Susan is sick. OfFce hours today will be with me 11 am, WEL 3.153 !"#$% ’()*+,-.* /0 soln001: Predicting the products of dissolution soln003: Predicting precipitation stoich017: Limiting reactants stoich018: Actual and percent yield of chemical reactions stoich020: Calculating molarity using solute moles stoich021: Dilution stoich029: Calculating molarity using solute mass stoich030: Using molarity to find solute mass and solution volume unit032: Interconverting temperatures in Celsius and Kelvins gas001: Interconverting pressure and force gas002: Measuring pressure in non-SI units gas003: Understanding pressure equilibrium and atmospheric pressure gas004: Understanding Boyle's Law gas005: Solving applications of Boyle's Law gas006: Using Charles's Law gas007: Using the ideal equation of state gas008: Interconverting molar mass and density of ideal gases gas009: Calculating mole fraction in a gas mixture gas010: Calculating partial pressure in a gas mixture gas011: Solving for a gaseous reactant !"#$% ’()*+,-.* 10 acid002: Identifying acids and bases by their chemical formula acid011: Predicting the products of a neutralization reaction atom033: Distinguishing solid, liquid and gas phases of a pure substance soln002: Writing net ionic equations stoich037: Solving for a reactant in solution stoich038: Solving limiting reactant problems in solution gas018: Using relative effusion rates to find an unknown molar mass gas012: Understanding how average molecular kinetic energy scales with temperature gas013: Understanding how average molecular speed scales with temperature and molar mass gas014: Interpreting a graph of molecular speed distribution gas015: Predicting how molecular speed distribution changes with temperature and molar mass gas016: Calculating average molecular speed gas017: Understanding how molecular col ision rate scales with temperature and volume bonding018: Identifying the important intermolecular forces in pure compounds bonding019: Identifying hydrogen-bonding interactions between molecules bonding021: Predicting the type of solid formed by a compound bonding029: Predicting the relative strength of the dispersion force between molecules thermo019: Relating vapor pressure to vaporization thermo040: Using a phase diagram to predict phase at a given temperature and pressure thermo041: Labeling a typical simple phase diagram 1 2 3
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32 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff The molecular...

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