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Recio 1 Renato Recio (UTEID: rjr862) SOC 308 Haghshenas 17 February 2010 Plato’s Symposium 1- Discuss different theories/stages of love according to Socrates (Diotima). One begins as a young boy by being attracted to beautiful bodies, and to one beautiful body, and to produce discourses with this one beautiful body. The boy then recognizes that all bodies are similar and comes to love all beautiful bodies. Next, he comes to appreciate the beauty of minds and will come to love those who are beautiful in minds whether or not they are beautiful in body. Then, he starts to recognize that there are many types of beauty and to love one is foolish. Thus, he achieves a love for beauty in general, rather than certain kinds that fit certain people. This eventually leads to a love of knowledge, for it is a plateau that can explain this love for general beauty.
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Recio 2 Ultimately, the lover of knowledge will reach the goal of love, which is beautiful in its nature. This beauty always exists; it is neither created nor destroyed- it is absolute beauty. 2- How does love satisfy the fundamental desire? In order to attain immortality as an individual, one must first find love through
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symposium - Recio 1 Renato Recio(UTEID rjr862 SOC 308...

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