Antonio Maceo - Antonio M aceo a noteworthy guerilla leader...

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Antonio Maceo- a noteworthy guerilla leader in the 19 th century of Cuba, who was eventually promoted to second-in-command of the Cuban Army of Independence. As Brigadier General during 10 years War, Maceo rejected Pact of Zanjon and continued to fight in the War of Independence using Tactics of guerilla. Died by the Spanish. Inspired Jose Marti. Fought til death for freedom. Francisco Arango y Parreno- Havana born. 1818 is when he helped around. Cuban statesman elected representative for Cuba in the Spanish cortes, where he advocated abolition of slavery. Helped open ports of the island to foreign commerce and abolished tobacco monopoly. Introduced sugar cane othaiti. Ingenio- sugar booms in the 19 th century because f WWI. 1914-1917- Euro beet-sugar market collapses- Cuba center of attention. Cuba trades w/America. 1920- height of cuba sugar market. 1918-1919- Euro opens back up. 1919-1920 – sugar mills acquired by America. Cuba too dependent – seasonal unemployment. Jose Marti- a writer, thinker, and politician who was the most important leader of the Cuban independence. Was sent into exile in 1821 to Spain. He formed the PRC Cuban revolutionary party in 1892 and recognized the need to unify Cuban people more. Built cubanidad. Set the Cuban revolution into motion. Killed in 1895 after landing in dos rios.
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Antonio Maceo - Antonio M aceo a noteworthy guerilla leader...

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