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Unformatted text preview: Click in the INPUT RANGE box then select (highlight with your mouse by clicking and dragging} all the employee ages in column B. Click in the BIN RANGE box then select the five numbers irl column C under the title Bin Range. Click the OUTPUT RANGE button and type A1502 in the box. This cell is the upper left corner of your frequency table and histogram. Check the CHART OUTPUT option, click on OK, and admire the frequency table and bar—graph that appear Right click on any of the bars and select FORNIAT DATA SERIES options and reduce GAP WIDTH to NO GAP (0%) and now admire histogram that appears. 5. PIE CHART Select (highlight) the two columns of data in your Exterior table. Including the “More” rowr but do not include the head ings. Click on INSERT on the toolbar, then PIE, then select the first figure of the 2-D. Your pie chart will appear. Select LAYOUT, then chart title to add Percentages as the title to your pie chart. WHAT TO HANDOVER m CLASS FDR GRADING. Print out your results and turn them in for grading. Only print out the page(s) with the answers or dual-t3. Be sure to save copies of your Excel work. You may be asked at random to submit a soft copy for proof of work. Also make a cover page showing your name, CRN, semester, and all important information about the class. ...
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