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Unformatted text preview: Georgia State University Robinson College of Business CIS 4700 Managing IT Project Risk, Vendors and Contracts Course Description This course focuses on advanced IT project management concepts, with particular emphasis on managing vendors, contracts, and IT project risk. The special management challenges associated with outsourced and off-shored projects are examined, along with the specific skills required to successfully manage these types of projects. Coverage will include contract law and the different contract options available, as well as the portfolio of control mechanisms that can be employed to help manage such projects. Concepts and techniques for controlling software projects and dealing with schedule and other project risks will be introduced, including Monte Carlo analysis, Earned Value Analysis, and a variety of risk assessment tools and risk mitigation approaches. Learning Objectives Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: 1. Identify IT project risks 2. Use Monte Carlo simulation to analyze schedule risk 3. Use Earned Value Analysis for project control 4. Articulate different control methods for limiting risk exposure, their applicability in different situations, and their strengths and weaknesses 5. Set up a independent validation and verification process for project control 6. Evaluate various sourcing options for software development (custom development; purchase of standardized package; domestic and offshore outsourcing) 7. Develop an RFP and manage the vender selection process 8. Manage relationships with vendors and understand the difference between contractual vs. relational governance 9. Articulate the key elements of a good contract for IT services 10. Identify the risks and benefits associated with offshoring and how these arrangements can best be managed Catalog Description This course is experimental at this time and no course description for it appears in the current catalog. The proposed catalog description is the same as the course description appearing above. Subject to this course receiving full approval and a subsequent catalog being published, the current university catalog description of this course will then appear in the Universitys undergraduate catalog: . Prerequisite Policy A student must fulfill the following course prerequisites as listed in the Catalog description: CIS 3001 IT Project Management and CSP: I, II, III, IV, V, VI (see ). Course Material Since there is no single textbook that covers the range of topics in this course, we will use selected readings and cases. The material will be made available electronically through
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CIS4700-course-outlineOctober62008 - Georgia State...

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