CIS8670 - CIS 8670 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems...

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CIS 8670 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP): Implementation and Management Catalog Description This course will explore the concepts, principles, and state-of-the-art methods in successfully integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems into extant enterprise architectures. The course will help both functional area and IT managers understand the respective role of users, enterprise architects, developers and managers in the selection, preparation, implementation and management of large and complex enterprise applications. THIS IS NOT A HANDS ON ERP tool-based course, rather it is a precursor to deeper involvement in ERP management, implementation and, if desired, administration. COURSE PREREQUISITES : CSPs only. Course objective and justificiation: Successful business and governmental organizations must focus on managing and optimizing their key business processes. Many large and mid-sized organizations are focusing on accomplishing this goal through the installation of integrated business systems known originally as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These broad and complex applications, known today as enterprise systems (ES), now form the transaction backbone of many organizations in the private, governmental and non-governmental non-profit sectors. Gartner research reports that fully 85% of the fortune 500 firms have ERP implementations. Increasingly small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are finding ways to incorporate ERP systems into their portfolio of enterprise systems. Furthermore ERP systems are currently being extended to include customer relationship management (CRM), business warehouse (BW), strategic enterprise management (SEM) systems and services via the Internet. This course will enable student understanding of issues and decisions that must be made when embarking upon a ERP selection and implementation journey. It will also lead to an understanding the challenges associated with managing extant ERP systems. In the process students will become familiar with the forces and organizational conditions leading to the acquisition of such enterprise wide systems. Students will have the opportunity to identify extant and missing organizational competencies that may be drawn upon to create an appropriate ERP implementation method. As such this course is suitable for students in either an IT technical track or in a management track. At the conclusion of this course the student will have an understanding of many of the
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CIS8670 - CIS 8670 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems...

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