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How did this game help you understand the electronic resources available to you? The game helped me understand the resources available online because I was forced to go to the webpage and look up the answers to the questions. This allowed me to see the resources available and also read about what it was that they actually did. Without the game I don’t think that I would have visited the site and read about the resources except for the other weekly DQ’s. What resource do you want to explore more when you have the time? Explain
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Unformatted text preview: why. I would really like to explore the whole CME site because I have not studied math in a long time and I think I could use any resources that are available to me to touch up on the subject before I have to take a math class. I also like the section they have with eBooks, I have already used it a few times. I think its great that they allow me to get free eBooks on subjects that actually interest me....
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