danceswithwolves - Melonie Buchanan Perceptual blocks...

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Melonie Buchanan Perceptual blocks illustrated by the movie, Dances with wolves Sunday, February 21, 2010 In the Movie, Dances with Wolves, the character, John Dunbar, an army soldier, had the particularly difficult task of communicating with people from a different culture. John Dunbar is greeted by a curious Indian Sioux holy man named Kicking Bird early in the movie. Both Dunbar and the Sioux had remarkably different ways of seeing and interpreting their world. The language barrier was met head on with their first visit. They used gestures and objects to aid in communication, however, their communication attempts are ambiguous. In one of Dunbar’s encounters, he meets with an Indian named Wind in his hair. Because Wind in his hair does not respect the white man, he has feelings of cultural superiority or ethnocentrism towards Dunbar. Later, Dunbar and Wind in his hair demonstrate a desire to communicate by using facial expressions, and gestures. The Indians and Dunbar continue to make progress through being considerate and
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danceswithwolves - Melonie Buchanan Perceptual blocks...

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