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Assignment 3

Assignment 3 - Lastly for part 3 please show explicit data...

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Assignment 3 – Updated Engineering Analysis For this assignment, you will revise your original analysis and decision making process. Your revisions will focus on the first 3 steps of the process: 1. Recognize problem; 2. Define the goal or objective; 3. Assemble relevant data; As a part of this assignment, you should greatly clarify your original thesis from Homework 1. Be precise about what the problem is. For example, in a civil engineering analysis "the building collapsed" would not be an acceptable problem statement for Step 1. Likewise for Step 2, you should describe a clear goal or objective that could actually be implemented by some group.
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Unformatted text preview: Lastly, for part 3, please show explicit data with at least one primary source. Fully cite all the sources you use. While we are not placing any minimum requirement on the number of sources, you will be graded on the quality of your sources and how well your data matches your first two steps. We will be discussing this homework in section on 4/23. Students are encouraged to bring any sources they have found or rough drafts of their assignment. Submit a 1.5 page revised version of these three steps by Monday, April 26 th at 5:00PM . No late homework will be allowed....
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