Practice_Test_3_350_S10 - swallowing, the swordfish (and...

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Jupiter Io 1.20 m 3.00 kg 1.00 kg v = ? 3.00 kg stops here after collision Test 3 Physics 350 Fall 2009 Show all your work on the exam pages. Partial credit can only be given if you show your work and I am able to follow it. Correct answers with no work shown receive very little partial credit. The point value for each problem is given. 1. The closest of Jupiter’s several moons is Io. It orbits a distance of 3 420 10 × km from Jupiter with a period of 1.77 days. If Jupiter exerts a gravitational force of 22 6.42 10 × N on Io, find the mass of Io and the mass of Jupiter. (15) (9.13 × 10 22 kg, 1.86 × 10 27 kg) 2. A hungry swordfish has a velocity of 5.50 m/s as it approaches a 20.0 kg mackerel fish. The mackerel is moving away from the swordfish with a velocity of 4.50 m/s. The swordfish caches up to the mackerel and swallows it. After
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Unformatted text preview: swallowing, the swordfish (and the mackerel inside it) move with a velocity of 5.30 m/s. Find the mass of the swordfish. Treat this is an inelastic collision. (15) (80.0 kg) 3. A 1.00 kg block is moving with an unknown velocity when it collides elastically with a stationary , 3.00 kg block. See below. After the collision, the 3.00 kg block slides a distance of 1.20 m before stopping. Find the velocity of the 1.00 kg block before and after the collision. For full credit, you must use energy principles. (15) (6.86 m/s, -3.43 m/s) k = 0.500 1.25 m 30.0 k = ? 3.75 m/s 4. A block starts from rest and slides down a ramp. It reaches the bottom of the ramp with a speed of 3.75 m/s. See below. Find k . For full credit, you must use energy principles. (15) (0.246)...
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Practice_Test_3_350_S10 - swallowing, the swordfish (and...

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