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Kacy Grady 09-09-09 Recitation Assignment #2 Most of my family and relatives are from the south, specifically Alabama. Whenever I am visiting them for an extended period of time, I accommodate my speech style to match theirs. I find myself taking the “g” off of words ending in “ing.” Also, I frequently use words such as “ya’ll” and “ain’t.” At first, I don’t realize that I have picked up an accent, but when I return to Colorado, my friends call me out on having a southern “twang.” I don’t think that I had the choice to accommodate. The
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Unformatted text preview: transformation happens subconsciously, without me being aware of it. Since I have come to school here at CU, whenever I go back home to Florida, my friends there always tell me that I “talk like I am from Colorado.”—whatever that means. I guess they are referring to me using words such as “stoked”, “shred the gnar”, “legit”, “trolling”, “beligetard”, “mob”, “busty”, etc. In this case, the option to accommodate was my choice, and the accommodation has turned into my permanent communication style....
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