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KCOPENING - for the panel to understand that I was not...

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Good afternoon, I am Kacy Grady . I would also like to introduce my Mother , Lisa Grady, from Tampa forida who is here as my advisor today.I am here today to acknowledge and aceept repsonsibility for the honor code violation that i have been charged with. I have discussed the matter with my professor and apologized to him for my actions. I am also offering an apology to this committee for my actions. I am not here today to offer an excuse but rather to simply admit that i made a very bad judment decision and it is a mistake i regret . I would like
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Unformatted text preview: for the panel to understand that I was not using my notes for the entire exam but rather referred to them at the end of the exam to check an answer that i had already put on paper. It was an isolated instance al beit still the wrong thing to do. I would ask that the panel take that factor into consideration along witht he fact that i will be receiving a failing grade in the course when deciding what additional, if any, sanctions i should receive. THANK YOU...
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