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Laurie's CR Paper - because it made it really fun to watch...

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Laurie Finer Student Dance Concert Creative Response February 9, 2010 “Monster” I enjoyed the student dance concert a lot.  I liked some pieces much better  than others because some were difficult for me to understand.  I liked the group  finale a lot, with dances to three Rolling Stones songs. I didn’t really like the one  where dancers just walked around and yelled out numbers for most of the time.  Overall, my favorite dance at the student concert was the dance to “Monster” by  Lady Gaga.  I loved the props and the lights, and the overall lighthearted attitude  of the dance.  I liked that the boys tried to incorporate humor into their dance 
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Unformatted text preview: because it made it really fun to watch. Another thing I really liked about the dance was the music. It’s so much easier for me to enjoy dance and dancing when I like the music. For my creative response, I decided to paint a picture that shows how the “Monster” dance made me feel. I used a lot of colors because I loved the use of colored props and lights in the dance. I decided to paint two fairly ambiguous monster figures dancing together like the boys danced together in the show. Finally, my painting glows under blacklight and takes on a much darker look, which I sensed during the dance....
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