pracques - 22:07 2) All of the following statements about...

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22:07 2) All of the following statements about communities are correct except: A) The distribution of almost all organisms is probably affected to some extent by both abiotic gradients and interactions with other species. B) Some animal species distributions within a community are linked to other species. C) The trophic structure of a community describes abiotic factors such as rainfall and temperature affecting members of the community. D) Ecologists refer to species richness as the number of species within a community. E) Many plant species in communities seem to be independently distributed. 5) Which of the following statements is consistent with the competitive exclusion principle? A) The density of one competing species will have a positive impact on the population growth of the other competing species. B) Two species with the same fundamental niche will exclude other competing species. C) Even a slight reproductive advantage will eventually lead to the elimination of inferior species. D) Bird species generally do not compete for nesting sites. E) Evolution tends to increase competition between related species. 6) All of the following act to increase species diversity except A) competitive exclusion. B) patchy environments. C) keystone predators. D) migration of populations. E) moderate disturbances. 7) According to the competitive exclusion principle, two species cannot continue to occupy the same A) biome. B) habitat. C) territory. D) range. E) niche. 9) A species of fish is found to require a certain temperature, a particular oxygen content of the water, a particular depth, and a rocky substrate on the bottom. These requirements are part of its
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A) ecological niche . B) prime habitat. C) resource partition.
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pracques - 22:07 2) All of the following statements about...

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