War - Kusy 1 Ryan Kusy Ms Page Honors English III 6...

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Kusy Ryan Kusy Ms. Page Honors English III 6 February 2008 Life Will Never Be The Same… A man will never think, act, or feel the same after such a tragic event. Guns shots become the beat to falling sleep and a gun becomes a teddy bear. The look on a dead man’s face becomes etched inside the eyelids and dreams of what type of chaos will arise in the morning soar through the mind. A man who has been at war will never have a peaceful mind again. The calamity and danger increases with every step, and what is just around the corner is never sure. War affects a soldier’s sense of judgment, creates a sense of doubt over the mind, and even forces soldiers to turn on their friends. Countless stories have been written and numerous movies have been shot telling each soldier’s story of his life in the war. Two of these tales unparticular explain such tragedies in immense detail. The movie Glory and the novel The Red Badge of Courage each tell tales of a soldier and how each of the deal with the dilemmas of war. Orders are shouted, cannons are shot, and guns are fired. During a battle a soldier is faced with a number of tasks. He must listen to his commander, keep his gun at the
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War - Kusy 1 Ryan Kusy Ms Page Honors English III 6...

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