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Steam of Conscienousness

Steam of Conscienousness - barely move my arm I need to...

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Ryan Kusy Mrs. Kelleher AP English Sandbox The sand is in my socks, in my shoes, it’s everywhere! It makes me itchy, and uncomfortable. But I love playing the in sand; I like building castles. I wonder where that birdie is flying; maybe he has a nest, with little birdies that he has to go feed? Ouch! What is pulling my arm? I think I heard a noise, like a crack, or pop, kinda like when you hear a branch break in half. I wonder where it came from. Ouch again! I don’t want to leave the sandbox, but this other older boy keeps pulling me to get out. There! Again, I heard the noise. I was sure it came from my shoulder, or my arm. Was my arm trying to talk to me? It really hurts now. It’s worse the other day when I scraped my knee on the driveway, or that one time when I burned my finger on that hot box thing in the kitchen. I wonder where that boy went now. I think I might cry this hurts so much, but then I’d have to leave the sandbox, and I don’t want to leave the sandbox. AHHH! OUCH! I can
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Unformatted text preview: barely move my arm! I need to finish my castle first, and then I can go. I guess I can only use one hand. But this hand isn’t as good as my other hand, I don’t know why. Just on more tower in that corner and I can cry so my Mommy can come pick me up. Wow, that was fast! I barely started crying and she was right there to pick me up. She always is. ..OUCH! Don’t touch the arm! It really hurts! I’m getting wet; I bet my Daddy turned the sprinklers on. That’s a lot of water! One, two, three…I never knew what came after three, but I am sure there was more than three. Food! Of course I want food. Cereal and white liquid stuff, it tastes great. Ouch! I still can’t use my arm. I’ve never tried using my other arm to eat before. It’s hard. I got it all over my shirt now! It’s my favorite shirt too, because it has blue and red on it, the two best colors. I wonder when my arm will stop hurting…...
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