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Hydroponics - Hydroponics Outline procedure of the research...

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Hydroponics: Outline procedure of the research. Google hydroponics, and get definition. Explain using that to show that the clear box had more growth and the green tub which had soil. Explain the growth trends over time and why each happened. Compare the radish and the wheat growth when each respectively started their growth. The clear box grew faster at first, but started to level off, where as the green box started off slower and grew faster as we ended Radish germinated than wheat. In the hydroponics lab we observed two different environments of growth for both wheat and radish seeds. Hydroponics, first of all is the method of growing plants in nutrient- enriched water instead of soil, producing a healthier plant and healthier aromas. Plants grown using this method produce fruits and flowers with clearer, purer, more transparent scents. Impurities from soil and bacteria are eliminated in this method. In our lab, one was filled with soil, the other with a nutrient-enriched water. We place 18 seeds of both
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