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Chem Journals - Ryan Kusy Mrs Siwak Honors Chemistry 28 May...

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Ryan Kusy Mrs. Siwak Honors Chemistry 28 May 2009 Chemistry and the Web Topic Websites: Website: http://www.yourdictionary.com/examples/molecule Summary: The website above listen about twenty examples of both complex and simple ways in which molecules can be used in a variety of aspects of life. From using an ammonia molecule to remove hydrogen from then –NH 3 to DNA molecules, this website lists what the present and future for molecular research holds. In the future, there could potentially be molecules that prevent the HIV infection, as well as screens for small molecule therapeutics for rapid plasma regain, which is the screening for antibodies in the blood. Molecules have a bright future because there are so many possibilities to use for that new uses and inventions incorporating molecules are being invented every day. Quality of Site: The site has been created not to explain what molecules are, but how they are used in the world. Students would be able to use this site to see where the world of molecules is headed in the future, and the current uses that it provides now for the world. Many of the terms used in the site are unfamiliar, and further research might be required to go more in-depth about the topic. It gives students a general perspective of how molecules are incorporated in many different aspects of life. For example, it lists DNA, molecule crystallography, and molecule fluorescence which all deal with three different
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aspects of the world. Still however, the site provides numerous uses for molecules and interesting information that other sites might fail to provide.
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