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APUSH Convos - Ryan Kusy and Randy Kreulen AP History:...

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Ryan Kusy and Randy Kreulen AP History: Convo between George Washington and Franklin D Roosevelt Franklin D Roosevelt: Ah Georgy, hello. We do have much to catch up on. I've recently been thinking about your farewell address. Especially you’re warning about permanent alliances, I must admit I’m impressed with your early prediction of their danger. I have become quite acquainted with alliances and war; throughout all my experiences I have come to understand one thing. Not the best military strategy or the key to peace but instead that you were certainly right. Our country, me included, did not take your warning to heart and follow it as closely as we should have. And once we set ourselves down that path it was too late to turn back. But looking over our history it seems to me that alliances have certainly lead this country into hardship. How on earth did you know this George? Jorge Washington: Why hello Franklin, do mind if I call you Frank? Well, it's interesting you bring up the topic of my Farewell Address. You see, as the world has aged, life and the government has become much more complicated. During my time, a war with British had just ended and there was many radical feelings toward the British and even the French too. The majority of the population had disliked the thoughts of trying to continue a close relationship with the British after the war had ended. I, like many Americans, concurred that the British brought nothing but trouble to us. You see as a new country, we had many of our own problems within the country, especially establishing a proper government. We couldn't afford to get involved in foreign affairs because the British and
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APUSH Convos - Ryan Kusy and Randy Kreulen AP History:...

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