Foriegn Encounters

Foriegn Encounters - Alaska (1867) $7.2 million, from...

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Alaska (1867) $7.2 million, from Russia French in Mexico (1865) evoked Monroe Doctrine and threatened US military unless French withdrew Pan America Conference (1867) International organization for cooperation with trade and other issues Cleveland, Olney and Monroe Doctrine (1895) arbitrate the dispute and conclude dispute between Venezuela, Great Britain and US entered mediate. Spanish American War (1893-1898) Americans help the Cuban revolt against Spain for freedom; resulted in the freedom of Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. o De Lome letter (1898) Written by the Spanish minister criticizing President McKinley, insulting US national honor. o McKinley War Message (1898) McKinley gave an ultimatum to Spain agree to cease fire with Cuba. Capturing Manila (1898) Roosevelt sent George Dewy and Fleet to the Philippians. Invasion of Cuba (July 3 rd , 1898) US navy destroyed Spanish fleet at Santiago Bay. o Rough Riders (1898) charged San Juan Hill in Cuba o (August, 1898) Spain asked for peace Annexation of Hawaii (1893) Americans overthrow Hawaiian monarch, Queen Liliuokalani Treaty of Peace (1899)
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Foriegn Encounters - Alaska (1867) $7.2 million, from...

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