Klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome - Kusy 1 Ryan Kusy Mrs. Siwak Honors...

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Kusy Ryan Kusy Mrs. Siwak Honors Chemistry 16 January 2009 Klinefelter Syndrome Klinefelter syndrome is chromosomal abnormality in which a male has one or more extra X chromosomes in his cells, giving him a chromosome complement of XXY or, more rarely, XXXY, XXXXY, and so on, instead of XY. The feature of Klinefelter syndrome may pass unnoticed for a person’s entire life or until puberty. Some males never find out of their abnormality, but for those that do, there are many things that should be known about the syndrome and what they can do to treat it. The following will be an explanation of what the syndrome is, who it affects, and what it’s created by, and some of the treatment for it. In 1942, Dr. Harry Klinefelter and his coworkers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston issued a study of nine men who had enlarged breast, sparse facial and body hair, small testes, and a lack of ability to produce sperm. By the late 1950s, researchers determined that men with Klinefelter syndrome had an extra chromosome, XXY instead of the common male composition of XY. Early in the 1970s, researchers set out to identify males possessing the extra chromosome by viewing large numbers of newborn babies, and found that the XXY chromosome arrangement seemed to be one of the most typical genetic abnormalities known. The syndrome occurs as often as 1 in 500 births, but even having the extra chromosome does not mean that the symptoms always occur. The extra chromosome is 1
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Kusy common, but the syndrome itself, the numerous symptoms and the characteristics that may result, is rare. Many men live without even imagining that they ever have an extra
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Klinefelter syndrome - Kusy 1 Ryan Kusy Mrs. Siwak Honors...

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