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Life in da City

Life in da City - life also has many more attractions and...

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Ryan Kusy Life in the City Cars roar through the streets and people are walking and talking almost everywhere you go. The city life may be hectic and chaotic to some people, but for those who live there it’s the place where we call home. Life in the city is full of adventure and unknown. There is always a mystery about what you will find just around the next corner. Living in the country, life seems slow and boring, and often times your neighbor lives miles and miles away, leaving you all alone. Life in the city is more attractive to me because of all the possibilities that it provides and active lifestyle that it has. While living in the city you often meet many more people in life. Whether it is at your job, school, or just from where you live, life in the city brings people together. City
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Unformatted text preview: life also has many more attractions and events that take place than rural life. There are often many sporting events, carnivals, parties, and other festivities that take place as well. Life in the city also provides more opportunities for education. With so many people that are involved in city, the competition for schools in hard, and forces you as a student to work above and beyond to make to the next level. This competition also continues into your career. The battle to obtain the perfect job is always going to be a fight. I am a very competitive person, and love challenges in life such as these. Life in the country or outside the city would not pose these such challenges....
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