Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny - Kusy 1 Ran Kusy Mr. Romanski APUSH 17...

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Kusy Ran Kusy Mr. Romanski APUSH 17 December 2008 Manifest Destiny- Divided Manifest destiny at a first glance seemed like a perfectly good idea. The United States wanted to expand the country to rid itself of European neighbors, provide more farmland for the people, and even find a trade route to India. The notion seemed perfect for everyone, but then, as soon as the idea started actually happening, those reasons seemed unimportant and further reasons became the motives. The north started condemning the south for wanting to expand slavery into the new territories and even Central America. While the south accused the north for trying to ruin their economy and way of life by forbidding slavery in these very same new territories. These accusations led to a series of new amendments, bills and unfortunately, the civil war. The concept of manifest destiny may have had good intentions to make the country whole and united, but in the end it was that very same concept that caused one of the worse time periods in American history. Manifest destiny clearly alienated the country and created two sides and did little otherwise to bring the country together as a whole.
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Manifest Destiny - Kusy 1 Ran Kusy Mr. Romanski APUSH 17...

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