9.8.09 - ISS 220 (9/8/09) 1. The larger theoretical...

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ISS 220 (9/8/09) 1. The larger theoretical orientation a. Origins of cultural ecology i. Environmental determinism : 1. Environment dictates social structure. 2. No choice 3. You live how your environment makes you. ii. Decision Theory: 1. Choice of how environment is used. 2. How groups make decisions. a. How much food you bring in. b. How much energy you can expend. c. I.G Simmons i. 1980s ii. Functional view (dominant) 1. Humans/animals dominating an overpopulated world, with the practical aim of producing a greener culture. iii. Conceptual Frameworks 1. Rethinking of subject matter (studies) a. Boundaries b. Academic sub-divisions. 2. Group together people of different subjects. a. Share knowledge i. Work together
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b. “Centers” i. Specialize on a subject or problem iv. Coupled Human and Natural Systems 1. Interaction of what people do, and those actions effects on the modification of the environment. a. “Feedback” (older Term) i. In this instance: bidirectional b. Time, Change, And Evolution i. Geology 1. One of the first to separate from Science. 2.
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9.8.09 - ISS 220 (9/8/09) 1. The larger theoretical...

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