9.10.09 - ISS (9/10/09) 1. Biology a. Charles Darwin...

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ISS (9/10/09) 1. Biology a. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) i. The voyage of the Beagle 1. Dec. 1831-oct. 1836 ii. Most research done in South America iii. natural selection (1836) 1. Didn’t publish until about 1859 2. Did not see evolution as progressive all the time 3. Didn’t see adaptation to be controlled by consciousness 4. Saw extinction of species as a possibility. iv. Differed tremendously from everyone except Wallace b. Wallace (1823-1913) i. Both influenced by Lamarck, Lyell ii. Natural Selection iii. Extinction iv. Both Darwin and Wallace traveled extensively and observed the ranges of variations in living things and their contexts. v. Intra-specific Variation 1. Before modern definition of a species had been developed by the luminary biologist Ernst Mayr. a. Even individual organisms within a species were different from one another. There was intra-specific variation b. Drawing on Linnaean taxonomy, they both saw that organisms that were similar to each other had derived from similar origins. There was a descent system, what you text calls a “Family Tree”
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2. Understanding Cultural Evolution
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9.10.09 - ISS (9/10/09) 1. Biology a. Charles Darwin...

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