101309 - Negative Reciprocity Normally takes place between...

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Unformatted text preview: Negative Reciprocity Normally takes place between quite distant individuals, such as enemies, or strangers who are not part of the band network In this instance, the idea is to get as much as possible for as little as possible This is highly competitive form of exchange interaction Reciprocity and social storage The group will move on a seasonal basis sometimes over great distances, to position themselves closest to where the resources are most abundant During periods when resources might not be available in the area or territory normally exploited by a foraging band it is possible that reciprocity with a neighboring group will take place Mistassini Cree Pre Indian During certain years, groups of friends will hunt and winter in one groups territory and during other years they may hunt and winter in another groups territory Help prevent using all the recourses Social organization The vast majority of pastoralists and horticulturalist are what we would consider to be EGALITAIN societies, sometimes called TRIBES in the cultural evolutionary literature but today more commonly known as MIDDLE RANGE SOCIETIES Other pastoralists and some horticulturalists have more complex social organizations involving social hierarchies, sometimes called CHIEFDOMS Households and lineages Pastoralists and horticulturalists are often organized around the basic unit of the family HOUSEHOLD In turn households are themselves organized into larger groups based on their descent...
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101309 - Negative Reciprocity Normally takes place between...

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