102009 - Afghans, Kurds, Greeks Altitudinal transhumance...

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Afghans, Kurds, Greeks Altitudinal transhumance Move from low to high areas, depending what area has plants that are in season. Helps prevents overgrazing. Not necessarily sedentary, but may settle for extended periods of time. The role of food storage Leibig’s law sates the maximum population size is constrained by the resources available at the leanest time of the year in any given cycle. Domestic plans can be stored. They can be preserved and placed in storage for future use. They can be retained for those parts of the year when natural cycles are at a minimum. They can be moved to locations that may be better capable of producing foods at a given time of the year. Domestic plants therefore rise the food potential of the lean times, and have the effect of allowing larger populations to be supported on the same amount of land. Pastoralists Mobile storage Energy expenditure to maintain this storage is in mobility that allows this stored to sustain itself. Importantly, much like domestic plant crops, herd animals can be used at times of the year when other food resources are at a minimum. Pastoral systems still continues to hunt, fish. And collect plants. But heard animals provide the buffer against Leibig’s law, allow population to increase. Intensification
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102009 - Afghans, Kurds, Greeks Altitudinal transhumance...

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