chapter 8 - al primates t apelike Hominids Chapter 8: the...

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al primates t apelike Hominids l brained, slender (gracile) hominids with a mixed fruit/veggie diet. ained, robust hominids with a grassland vegetable diet. omnivorous hominids Chapter 8: the emergence of the human lineage 1. 1912 a. Charles Darwin-Piltdown, England i. Missing link between ape and humans 1. Eoanthropus a. Fake, 1950’s b. The large brains of humans appeared relatively late in hominid evolution. i. Modern size- 780,000 years ago c. The feature first distinguished us from apes-our Bipedalism i. Over 4 million years old. 2. The early hominids: Bipedal primates a. The first evidence from the dawn of the hominid evolution came in 1952. i. South Africa-Raymond Dart ii. Face, braincase, and brain cast of a young primate 1. Apelike, but with two important differences: a. Canine teeth-which are long and large in apes, with gaps to accommodate them when the jaws are shut-were no bigger than those of a human child. b. Position of the Foramen magnum-(In the Taung specimen, this hole was well underneath the skull rather than toward the back-as in apes-this indicates an upright, bipedal posture rather than a quadrupedal one. i. The hole in the base of the skull through which the spinal cord emerges and around the outside of which the top vertebra articulates. iii. Australopithecus Africanus
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1. Hominoid-bipedal primate b. The earliest known hominid fossils were first discovered in Ethiopia in 1992 and 1993. i.
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chapter 8 - al primates t apelike Hominids Chapter 8: the...

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