exam review - 1. 'Cultural ecology a. Studies the...

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1. 'Cultural ecology a. Studies the relationship between a given society and its natural environment, the life- forms and ecosystems that support its life ways. i. Diachronically 1. Studying over the long run. 2. Different epochs ii. Synchronically 1. Studying the present 2. Short period of time. b. Physical environment that affects culture. i. Environmental determinism 1. Mildly but the approach has value in the types of situations in which they occur c. Conceptual framework i. Organization of both research and teaching that crosscuts old subject/disciplinary divisions. ii. Bring different types of scientists together to answer questions. 1. Mixing of perspectives d. Coupled human and natural systems i. How do humans effect there environment, and how does the environment affect humans. 1. “feedback” e. Time change and evolution i. Current understandings of the origins and age of humans and other animal and plant and adoptions spring from 1. Geology a. Bishop ussher i. Slow to see the antiquity of the earth
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b. Catastrophim
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exam review - 1. 'Cultural ecology a. Studies the...

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