91409 - iii Technological developments 1 Penny press a...

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JN (9/14/09) 1. Books vs. Newspaper a. Both print b. Newspapers i. Daily 1. Local 2. National ii. Usually meant for one area. iii. Perishable 1. Industrial commodities iv. Daily ritual v. Publick occurrences (9/25/1690) c. Old Newspaper i. Pre 19 th century ii. One person 1. Editor 2. Publisher 3. Printer iii. Aimed at business class iv. very partisan 1. different parties had their own paper v. Short and often weekly vi. News taken from other papers vii. Taverns and coffee houses
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viii.Room for comments d. 19 th century papers i. Tried to reach mass audiences 1. Reach as many people as possible 2. Tired to become more fair and balanced. ii. More dependent on advertising
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Technological developments 1. Penny press a. daily 2. reporters iv. telegraph and photography 1. associated press 2. yellow journalism of William Randolph hearst a. scandal b. crude pictures c. not mainstream news d. quick and brief 3. late 1800s early 1900s papers are thriving across the country a. people move to cities i. “rise of the city” b. More papers i. 1967 1. 15 million in circulation 2. Adverting 3. Reader demands (change) a. Readable b. Engaging c. entertainment 4. Civic affairs 5. Journalism programs in school. ii....
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91409 - iii Technological developments 1 Penny press a...

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