101609 - statements i Dwight Eisenhower 1 1952 2 One of the...

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1. Television and politics in modern America a. Role of media in elections b. Classic presidential campaign TV c. Political responsibility journalists i. Media has always played a important part in the us elections ii. Electronic media coverage tends to show sound bites and horse-race coverage 1. In 1986, average TV sound bite was 42 seconds, just 25% of them were over one minute, by 1988 an average length was just under ten seconds and none were longer than a minute. iii. Campaign coverage is heavily driven by opinion polls iv. The tone of the political coverage has become more negative in recent years d. Politicians have increasingly used paid political advertisements to reach mass audiences e. Negative advertising has become commonplace f. Negative ads often c contain falsehoods or lead the audience to make false
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Unformatted text preview: statements. i. Dwight Eisenhower 1. 1952 2. One of the 1 st TV ads ii. JFK 1. 1960 iii. Lyndon Johnson 1. 1964 iv. Hubert H. Humphrey 1. 1968 v. Richard Nixon 1. 1968 vi. Ronald Reagan 1. 1984 vii. George H.W bush 1. 1988 2. Race bating g. Coverage by journalists often means simply refuting leis made in advertisements 2. Like television programming generally, political ads have developed a more sophisticated visual language over time. 3. Media presence necessary to win an election 4. Cannot win an election without media coverage. Political debates have long been important in helping define candidates’ positions Debated have changed for television Kennedy-Nixon presidential debate Many people get their news on candidates from entertainment shows....
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101609 - statements i Dwight Eisenhower 1 1952 2 One of the...

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