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102109 - downloads Made it easier to steal Digitization has...

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From LPs (50 mins) to CDs (75min) to iPods (75+days) For many people listening to music shifts from being an album-oriented experience to a singles-oriented experience First CDs appear in 1983 CD sales take off very quickly Sold in the offer of better sound Mp3’s format was developed in 1992 during work on video compression Mp3 stands for moving picture experts group layer three MP3 shrank file size considerably, making it possible to store more songs on portable devices, and easier to move them quickly over networks, either as streams or
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Unformatted text preview: downloads. Made it easier to steal Digitization has brought major changes to the recording industry Security concerns and piracy Copyright and intellectual property issues Peer-peer file sharing services let users easily share and distribute music According to international federation of the phonographic industry 99% of the digital music in china is illegal and illegal downloads outnumber legal downloads by 20 to 1....
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