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advertising last before exam 3

advertising last before exam 3 - 5 Contemporary persuasive...

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1. Advertising forms and strategies 2. Advertising in the digital age a. Online advertising has characteristics of both print and broadcast advertising, and include unique interactive ads. b. Types of online advertising formats include: i. Banner ads ii. Pop-up ads iii. Webmercials iv. Interactive brand-oriented sites v. E-mail marketing vi. Search engine placement 3. Advertising and product differentiation a. Successful adverting involves establishing a clear image of the company or product in the eyes of the public. b. Product differentiation 4. Advertising formats a. Print ads in newspaper and magazines b. Broadcasting ads are called commercials or spots and are usually 30 seconds although infomercials can run for 30 or more minutes c. Public: billboards, buses, and sore signs. d. Direct marketing and telemarketing are also used. e. Internet sites like amazon.com have developed more sophisticated ways to do direct marketing. f. Product placement g. People are walking billboards
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Contemporary persuasive strategies a. Famous person testimonials i. American express ads b. Plain folks approach i. Nike “just do it” ii. Best buy “PC” ads c. Snob appeal d. Bandwagon effect e. Hidden fear i. Deodorant f. Irritation advertising i. Mac vs. PC ii. Jared subway g. Association principle i. Corona 6. Advertising and society a. Concerns about materialism b. Persuades people to buy things they don’t need c. Contributes to looting the world’s resources and exploiting workers d. Offers false promise of happiness e. Corrupted values-politics, religion, spirituality, social justice, altruism f. Reduces people to consumers, robbing them of their humanity 7. Gender ideologies a. Advertising, like all media, work to define gender norms 8. Children and advertising a. Children under 12 control or influence spending of nearly 500 billion per year b. Advertising in school c....
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advertising last before exam 3 - 5 Contemporary persuasive...

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