Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Advertising 1. Advertising in...

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Chapter 12: Advertising 1. Advertising in American life a. Dates to the ancient Greek and Rome civilizations i. Criers 1. A person who walked through the streets crying out news to the people. Preceded printed news. ii. Mixture of news and advertising 1. Broadside a. Handbill, also called broadsheet, which was printed only on one side of the paper. b. England 1477 2. The Mercantile Press and advertising a. Mercantile press i. Early American newspapers that served businesses, shopkeepers, and trade people. Theses newspapers also contained political news. b. Connection between demand for news and for advertising i. Demand for both promoted the creation of daily newspapers in the United States. ii. The ads were simple paragraphs of type promoting real estate, services, and goods for sale to retailers and consumers. 1. Rarely contained graphics 3. The development of Mass Advertising a. Mercantile newspapers were poor advertising vehicles for consumer goods. i. Penny press 1. Mass advertising a. Advertising that aims to reach the largest number of people possible. 2. Now merchants could reach large numbers of customers with one newspaper 3. Changed the nature of advertising 4. Charged by unit of space
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5. Separated advertising and news content ii. Let the buyer beware philosophy 1. As newspapers grew in circulation, they advertised a wide range of products about which the editor had no personal knowledge and therefore, assigned the reader the responsibility of determining the truth of an ad and the worth of a product. iii. After the civil war, advertising increased rapidly iv. Ads with graphics became more common 1. Magazine ads b. Advertising agents i. Late 1800’s ii. Bought space in publications and resold it to advertisers iii. Made advertising more efficient and simplified the process.
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Advertising 1. Advertising in...

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