Like a newspaper - copies can double readership 12 “era...

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1. Like a newspaper, it is a periodical 2. Like a book, it contains longer-form narrative and analysis 3. Like newspaper, it makes money for its publisher through a combination of per-copy sales and advertisement 4. Like a book, it has national circulation and is not oriented toward a specific locale. 5. Magazines have been a unifying force in American life. 6. Magazines have allowed people across class, social, and racial divisions to read common material thus providing the basis for mutual understanding, 7. First use of the word magazine in the title of an English-language publication was in 1731 in the London based “gentlemen’s magazine.” 8. 1741:American magazine first in the us 9. Slow growth in the 1700s 10. Technological revolution (large growth in industry) 11. Pass-along rate: the total number of readers who read a magazine regularly, people given
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Unformatted text preview: copies, can double readership 12. “era of democratic reading” 13. Content a. Essays b. Poetry c. Fiction d. Business information e. Political commentary i. Muckraking 1. Investigative reporting a. Dug into backgrounds b. Exposing scandal i. Political ii. Business practices 2. 1893 McClure’s magazine a. Like penny press b. Low price c. Depended on advertising as well as circulation to earn profits d. Used sensational reporting. f. Photos i. Daguerreotype 1. 1830s ii. 1850s cameras became more portable 1. Some battlefield photography during civil war 2. 1884 roll film developed by Eastman Kodak company iii. Too hard and cost to much to put pictures in newspapers 1. Frank leslie’s illustrated newspaper a. 1855 b. Made art into an industrial labor guinea...
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Like a newspaper - copies can double readership 12 “era...

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