What is public relations

What is public relations - Public relation not only wants...

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What is public relations? How has the field developed, and what is its relationship to the public and private sectors? At the core of most theories of strategic communication are three fundamental precepts: 1) People’s behavior and actions are somehow linked to their knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions 2) Mediated communication can somehow get the news media to affect the elements mentioned above and changed behavior. 3) Media-based communication campaigns can be designed to have certain effects and behavioral changes. Advertising involves the purchasing of media space or time where commercial messages can be presented to the public, often in the hope of influencing people to buy a product or service This is controlled publicity that a company or individual buys.
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Unformatted text preview: Public relation: not only wants ad, but wants a broader view, and wants the media to help expand this image. Cover things as “news” Public relations is a broader enterprise that includes the use of communications campaigns in which media time or space are obtained (often free) to convey messages designed to influence the public’s opinion about a person, issue, or group. This process is more subtle and is an attempt to accept the premise or legitimacy of PR campaign and use it as news. Three key figures: 1) P.T. Barnum 2) Ivy Lee 3) Edward Bernays What pr does: 1) Writing and editing (press release and VNRs) 2) Media Relations 3) Special Events 4) Research 5) Community and consumer relations 6) Government Relations and Lobbying...
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What is public relations - Public relation not only wants...

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