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4.4 - f S elf-questioning& self-explaining g Use a Study...

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Strategy uses is develops in four stages, and how taught. Experiences What causes to switch: finding a more efficient one. Speed-accuracy trade off. What helps learners become more strategic? Experience with strategies. Metacognition, 1. What are experts better at then novices? a. A dapting to new situation i. Flexible when encountering new situation ii. iii. Openness to new idea and new ways of doing things. iv. Efficient  Innovative v. Motivated to learn from others. b. Detecting features & meaningful p atters i. c. O rganization and depth of Knowledge i. Around important ideas or concepts ii. More interconnections (deep knowledge) d. Use effective s trategies e. E ffortless retrieval of important information f. A POSE 2. What do experts do that novices often don’t do in the process of learning? i. CRuDeNess b. C risscross what they are learning c. Regularly r eview what they learn d. D istribute learning over a longer period rather than cramming e. Take good n otes i. Summarizing, outlining, concept maps.
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Unformatted text preview: f. S elf-questioning & self-explaining g. Use a Study s ystem i. Preview ii. Question iii. Read iv. Reflect v. Recite vi. Review 3. What does it take to become and expert? a. Deliberative Practice i. At an appropriate level of difficulty ii. Receive corrective feedback iii. Opportunities for repetition b. High Motivation i. To study and practice long hours ii. To persevere c. Talent i. Can only get so far without it. ii. Deliberate practice and high motivation alone probably not result in Mozart and Tiger woods’. iii. Talent does not makes an expert 4. Is subject knowledge enough to make a good teacher? a. No, need pedagogical content knowledge i. Understand common challenges students often have when learning various aspects of a subject ii. Know strategies that can help students overcome the above learning challenges iii. Understand ways that usually help students learn various aspects of a subject....
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4.4 - f S elf-questioning& self-explaining g Use a Study...

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