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90909 - TE 150 1 Our course is a 2 main question i How does...

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TE 150 (9/09/09) 1. Our course is: a. 2 main question i. How does learning happen/occur? 1. How does development happen/occur? ii. What do they “look like” in practice? b. Help develop an expertise in the area of learning. i. Expert teachers can detect things about learning in a situation that novices do not =”professionals” c. 5 main themes i. Each theme is like a lens that gives specific perspective or way to look at learning & develop situation. 2. What is learning? a. BLM (basic learning mechanism) i. Statistical learning 1. Recognizing patterns 2. Sensitive to correlations 3. Statistical regularities a. Reading b. Learning happens when… i. We become sensitive to things or features that frequently co-occur/correlate ii. Based on our personal experiences iii. Often occurs unconsciously 1. “dumb mechanism”
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3. Conditioning a. Case studies applying educational psychology i. #28 the concept map 1. What did Robin learn?
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