111209 - 3 Divided attention a Ability to concentrate on...

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It is important to develop processing strategies because you need to be able handle different problems that occur in daily life, you also. Best results. Pick what it is important Mnemonics Organizing Visualization Elaboration Rehearsing Offloading automaticity Kohlberg 1. sustained attention a. vigilance b. Ability to maintain attention to selected stimulus for a prolonged period of time. 2. Selective attention a. Ability to focus on a specific aspect of experience that is relevant while ignoring others that are irrelevant. b. Important changes occur in selective attention during childhood.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Divided attention a. Ability to concentrate on more than one activity at a time. b. 2 reasons why kids get better at cognitive inhibition i. Brains physically mature ii. Improves their metacognitive skills 4. We have a limited capacity for attention a. We manage limited attention resources by controlling where we focus our attention 5. But once this limit is reached, no more information can be taken in and hence we have change blindness a. Whatever we can’t attend...
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111209 - 3 Divided attention a Ability to concentrate on...

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