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TE 150 9/22/09 Chelsea Meyers 1. Piaget uses the question of what is alive and what is not alive to show how children deal with the idea of life. With the first batch of children interviews, it is easy to see that children in the first stage define life with actions. So, if it does something then it is alive. For example. A candle is alive because it lights. In the second stage the activity is made more defined, by only refers to things that move. Piaget’s stages show how children slowly expanding their ideas. The next stages
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Unformatted text preview: are very important (3 rd and 4 th ) they show children moving from a broad definition of movement, to one that distinguishes spontaneous from controlled movement. This stage doesn’t come till 11 or 12, and really is that advanced, but it is a huge step from stage one. a. Piaget shows the evolutions of children’s ideas in this study, also shows links to the idea were are born with. Some of the young children say things are alive if they are “useful to man” this is a very primitive mind set....
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