Hw12.07.09 - me being stressed I’m not very good at math and my grammar and handwriting are far from strong I tend to not back down even when

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Chelsea Meyers My strengths are based around my idea of self. I have strong will power, and will always stick to my guns. I’m a hard worker, and have no problem giving 100%. I understand that what I get out of something is based upon how much I put in. I am tolerant, and understanding. I’m a strong reader, with a great imagination. I’m playful when time allows, but matures when needed. I have strong social skills and am able to talk to most people. I’m very high energy, and good and explaining ideas to other people. I love to learn and try to gain something from every person I met. My weaknesses are in my lack of deadline meeting. I’m a pro at procrastination, and it often leads to
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Unformatted text preview: me being stressed. I’m not very good at math, and my grammar and handwriting are far from strong. I tend to not back down, even when I’m clearly in the wrong. Sometimes I don’t think before I speak and things I saw could be taken as rude. I can be hard to work with sometimes because I get so set on doing something my way. My need for correctness sometimes causes me to spend more time then I have on my work. Sometimes I get shy around people I don’t know and won’t speak up; even if I know what I have to say is important. I’m most comfortable with people I know....
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