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TE 150 Homework 9/30/09 Chelsea Meyers i. This scenario illustrates the BLM of statistical learning as well as motivation. Statistical learning is learning that occurs through recognizing patterns. Statistical learning is also sensitive to correlations. Recognizing a pattern and learning from it can be clearly seen in this scenario. During the first month all of the students except Sami got a prize, when Sami saw her classmates reading short books then hers so they could get more stars on the board. She recognized the pattern of “if I read shorter, less challenging books I can get a prize too.” ii. In this case study I found three different BLM’s the first one I noticed was conditioning. Conditioning is when your forum an association between two things, one of which is a neutral stimulus. The second BLM I found was association mixing a pre programmed stimuli and non programmed stimuli so that that they mesh together. Motivation can also be seen in this scenario.
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Unformatted text preview: Motivation is a state that energizes/directs, and sustains learning. a. Conditioning is seen when Mindy watches Mr.Corbet punish Jonathan for pointing at her. So later in the day when Mindy goes to point at the girl who pushed her friend off the swing, she recalls what she had seen earlier and stops herself. She is currently being conditioned to stop pointing. b. Association was seen when Mindy associated recess with a park. She says recess is like a park, only smaller. She is categorizing the two things together because they have similar characteristics. c. Motivation can be seen when Mindy watches children get stopped by the whistle. She realizes it must not be a good thing (or a punishment) Mindy says she wants to avoid the whistle at all costs. Mindy is intrinsic motivated to not get in trouble and have the whistle blown at her....
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