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notes 92309 - assimilating is NOT working so accommodate...

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TE 9/23/09 Key changes: 1. Piaget a. PhD in biology at 21 b. Survival of the fittest c. Conceptual change (birds) i. Adaption ii. Weak iii. strong 2. Childs idea of life evolved to something more complex over the years a. Action/function Movement/has propose\ spontaneous movement b. “Useful to man” primitive thinking. c. Experience is what helps the children develop 3. Process of equilibration 4. Equilibration Disequilibrium ……. . Equilibrium 5. Assimilation is working
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Unformatted text preview: assimilating is NOT working so, accommodate assimilating is working 6. Some reasons for resisting conceptual change a. Conflicts with everyday experiences b. Conflict with deeply held beliefs c. Emotional connection with a belief d. Requires developing the idea of seeing change in the world 7. Schema is changed by environment or experiences while our schema changes how we see our environment....
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