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notes 110209 - 2 Social Cognitive Theory 1 Four main...

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1. Modeling 1. Who or what can act as a model? 1.1.Peers, family, media, teachers, community leaders 2. What affects the appeal of a model? 2.1.Competence 2.2.Prestige and power 2.3.Gender appropriate behavior 2.4.Behavior relevant to learner’s own situation 2.4.1. If a behavior will help them
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Social Cognitive Theory 1. Four main aspects: 1.1. Attention 1.2.Retention 1.3.Production 1.4.Motivation 2. Complex, reciprocal process 2.1.Observation of others interacting with: 2.1.1. Behavior 2.1.2. Cognition 2.1.3. Environment 3....
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