paper 2 - 1 I watched the Movie Dangerous minds by Jon...

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1 I watched the Movie Dangerous minds by Jon Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. The students in the movie are in high school, they all live in the inner-city. In the movie Mrs. Johnson is unhappy with the set curriculum for the class, she is told by the principle that she must follow what the board has created for the class, even if she feels it is not a good curriculum for the students. She goes against the board, because she feels that her students need different kind of work, she creates her own curriculum breaking the rules, for the benefit of her students. (Society) This is an example of Kohlberg’s moral development theory (Theme 3 Lesson 4 ). This theory states that development happens through social interaction about the moral reasoning of the next highest stage. This scene shows the post conventional stage this is a stage were morality is internal, and is not based on external standards. The universal ethical principles is when a person answers to a strong inner conscience and willingly disobey laws that violate their own ethical principles. Mrs. John is set on getting her class to learn, that is her internal morality, and she knows it is her job to guide her students. She disobeys the “laws” of the board of education and changes the curriculum based on her own ethical principles. Mrs. Johnson’s class is very rebellious and loud; they have had poor experiences with past teachers and seem control the classroom. One of the students Emilio Ramirez seems to be the ring leader of the classroom. And they feed of what his reaction to the new teacher is. The boys in the class tend to imamate the way he talks and acts and the girls take on his attitude. Mrs. Johnson knows that she cannot control the class till she is able to get Emilio to engage and participate in the learning process. In this scene we can see observational learning
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paper 2 - 1 I watched the Movie Dangerous minds by Jon...

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