TE 150 paper - 1 TE 150 paper Chelsea Meyers The class I...

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1 TE 150 paper Chelsea Meyers The class I will be analyzing is Food diet and nutrition, which is a class I took senior year of high school. This class covers the basics of cooking and baking along with how to eat healthy. I was very excited to take this class due to my lack of cooking skills. The BLM I experienced was motivation, specifically intrinsic motivation . (Theme 1 Lesson 6) I came to class with a syllabus, brand new notebook and an open mind; I couldn’t wait to get to work in the kitchen. My motivation to learn in this class was very high. My motivation was Intrinsic, no one was forcing me to take the class, the only thing driving me to want to be in the class was myself. Motivation is defined as a state that energizes, directs, and sustains learning. Intrinsic motivation is when you learn something because you “want to” as an “end in itself”. This self motivation works the best for me, and I find myself understanding the information more clearly. I was challenged to stay interested, even though we didn’t move into the kitchen for a few weeks. My own motivation is the only thing that helped me do well in this course. Also in my foods course, our teacher conditioned (Theme 1 lesson 2) us to always check our ingredients measurements twice. Conditioning is forming an association between two things. She used classical conditioning which is when an association is formed between two stimuli, one of the stimuli being neutral and the other is a pre- programmed stimuli. The teacher conditioned us by having each kitchen station make the same cookie recipe, but each group had different amounts of baking powder, ranging from one tablespoon to two tablespoons. We did not know our recipes were different. At the end of class, she had us each taste a part of a cookie from each group’s recipe, the one with to much backing powder was horrible, and we all learned quickly how a slight difference in one small ingredient can
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TE 150 paper - 1 TE 150 paper Chelsea Meyers The class I...

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